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The above link takes you to www.easyworship.com, if you wish to purchase from a GST registered New Zealand company then please return to www.easyworship.co.nz to purchase via the order form.

S R Sound Ltd is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
We are proud to be a distributor of EasyWorship software.
Distributing EasyWorship in New Zealand since 2006.

We are a GST registered company
and will provide an invoice.

You can also subscribe to EasyWorships new YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/EasyWorshipSoftware/videos
YouTue channel has lots of how to videos and is a helpful source of information.

EasyWorship are also on Facebook (www.facebook.com/EasyWorship) so you can watch for new information.

For more information on EasyWorship 7 software features or to download a free trial please click here to go to easyworship.com

EasyWorship in New Zealand is sold at the converted USD rate at the time of purchase and includes GST.

If purchased through us we offer phone support, local support if required in Christchurch area (charge out may apply) or remote desktop options (charge out may apply).  Please contact us to discuss the support needed for any issues you are having.  Support for EasyWorship when purchased from another supplier is available but charge out rates apply - first try the supplier you purchased from.

Yearly Subscription
With subscription, future releases of EasyWorship software will be included.
So when EasyWorship releases a new version of software, your budget is already approved.
Other advantages are the unlimited free support, basic training, and some great free media.
If your projection computer does not have an internet connect, we recommend the yearly subscription over monthly. 
Details for the subscription:
Always up to date with latest features
Unlimited free phone support
Campus license
Includes over 175 pieces of media
Instructor-led basic training session

* We can only offer the yearly subscription not a monthly subscription plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try EasyWorship 7 before purchasing?
Yes, you can! Simply go to our EasyWorship Demo Page and download a watermarked version of the software today!